About Us

Robert L. Rowe, CFI, CFEI
President of Pyrocop, Inc.
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“Always Honest”

Pyrocop, Inc. has proven successes, based on years of experience working with fire officials, insurers and attorneys across the country. Having a solid understanding of fire investigation protocol paired with the ability to interpret and properly apply the provisions of building and fire codes and other industry standards, we believe we are the perfect fit for your fire case. We take pride in our ability to effectively and honestly communicate our opinions based on the facts of the case.

With extensive practical experience, superior technical knowledge and thorough understanding of the concerns of both the client and the fire service, we are able to quickly resolve code issues or find the answers you need for your fire case in a professional and timely manner.

Our clients receive the highest level of service and years of fire service experience and technical knowledge available to identify and effectively address fire protection and life safety issues. New clients soon discover that the consulting services we provide eliminates costly delays through miscommunication or the inability to decipher local and state building and fire codes.

PYROCOP, Inc. specializes in: