Fire Expert Witness, Robert L. Rowe

“When You Need More Than Just a Fire Investigator”

Welcome to Pyrocop, Inc., the complete resource for fire insurers, attorneys and other professionals who require technical assistance in the field of fire investigation and fire and building codes consulting services.

We realize there are a number of Fire Investigation Companies to choose from, but very few have the knowledge base and experience to provide answers to difficult fire and building code related issues that contribute to fire spread. Every fire case is unique and choosing an expert who has the ability to address both aspects of fire investigation is critical.

We at Pyrocop, Inc. believe we possess the required background and experience to address every aspect of a fire and explosion related incident by providing “fire origin and cause determination” in addition to fire and building code interpretation and application.

Utilizing our services, insurance adjusters and attorneys are quickly realizing the importance of “digging a little deeper” into their fire cases to reveal other contributing factors.  Although the “Origin and Cause” investigation is a “key” components of investigating a fire loss, it is equally important to fully understand how fire and building code provisions come into play when determining responsibility for injury, death and/or property loss.

We at Pyrocop, Inc.are pleased to offer this added dimension to our investigative process which has proven to be beneficial for our clients.

Because of our extensive practical experience, superior technical knowledge and thorough understanding, we are the preeminent fire expert witness, and an unassailable asset for your case and your team.

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Featuring Fire Expert Witness Robert Rowe.